Thursday, February 19, 2015

Back up, or back out!

You're a writer who takes his/her writing serious, whether you're a full-time author or a hobby writer.
You diligently back up your writing because you understand that no writer should be so stupid/reckless/naive/ ....... (fill in your own adjective) and not back up the words they sweated blood and tears for.

But then...

You realise that the back up system you have created over the last couple of years is in fact useless when your USB flash drive gives up the ghost and only produces gobbledigook.
You are incredulous about how you could have been so ........(fill in above adjective) and rely on a cheap old USB drive to keep your 71,000 words of your newest WIP safe?

Welcome to my world!

And, just before you shake your head in disbelief, I don't consider myself naive, ........(fill in the adjective), or under the illusion that my USB stick is indestructible.
I regularly backed up my ywriter project by sending the file into the cloud. But what I stupidly didn't back up were all the folders that ywriter needs to put the project together.
And that's why I recently had to fork out over $250 to send the USB drive to a data recovery specialist in Auckland. I didn't want to risk damaging the corrupted drive further with a DIY-approach to recovery, and opted to go with the professionals.

So, whether you are a fledgling writer like my teenage daughter who likes to write fanfiction, or a highly successful author with a bank account to show for it and a ton of books published, please back up your work. And check that your back-up is actually valid and functioning.

Because if you don't back up, you might as well back out of writing.
Go check that cloud.
Or that drive.


(End of lecture)